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Jarosinski & Vaugoin Jarosinski & Vaugoin

Salt Crab with Spoon

Product description 

The salt crab with spoon is a precious table decor addition. Produced by Jarosinsky & Vaugoin in the heart of Vienna, this piece embodies the company's artistic craftsmanship and savoir faire. 

Brand description 

Founded in 1847, Jarosinski and Vaugoin is renowned for its hand-manufactured luxury flatware. First recognized for its savoir faire at the Viennese World Exhibition of 1874, Jarosinski and Vaugoin continues to dazzle with its exceptional craftsmanship and designs. Perpetually balancing historical savoir faire and innovation, Jarosinski and Vaugoin has one of the largest collections of active patterns and shapes. Featuring designs from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau & Biedermeier periods, as well as modern designs and unique artist collaborations, the company continues to produce exceptional silver flatware and table accessories in the heart of Vienna.


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Jarosinski & Vaugoin

Jarosinski & Vaugoin

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