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“I think I must have been an envoy for Catherine the Great in a previous life. She sent her scouts around the globe to collect the finest the world had to offer and had them brought back to mother Russia. I’ve never had pockets as deep as Catherine the Great’s, but if I did, I would need an ocean liner to bring all the beautiful things I’ve found around the world back to Palm Beach!”Mary Mahoney

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"After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody,
even one's relatives." -Oscar Wilde

Since the beginning of time, sharing meals has been a fundamental human ritual. Sitting at the table is where treaties are resolved, families are valued and lovers are engaged. When we set a beautiful table, we are setting the stage for greatness.

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If only allowed one martini a night,
the trick is to find the largest glass possible.

Entertaining beautifully is enhanced with the proper vessel. Conversations are dignified and friendships are honored when guests are offered an elegant glass. Our collection of barware ranges from designs inspired by antique crystal to contemporary pieces. Creating your bar is creating the stage and atmosphere for great nights.

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"That's what life is all about. Let's have a party.
Let's have it tonight." -Lilly Pulitzer

Mary Mahoney loves to set the stage for your entertaining, whether it is a simple picnic in the garden, a gracious formal dinner, or a feast for a wedding party.

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Home Décor

"I'm going to make everything around me
beautiful -That will be my life. - Elsie de Wolfe

Picture frames, cachepots, vases, mirrors, desk accessories, centerpieces, bedding, candelabra, tea sets, breakfast trays, votive candles…

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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's
coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein

Looking for inspiration? Our lookbooks are full of great ideas.

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Gift Ideas

The art of giving…

All of life’s treasured moments may be honored by a gift to celebrate the occasion. Gifts for weddings, babies, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and hostess gifts are all expressions of love, friendship and gratitude.

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We invite you to register at Mary Mahoney for all of the celebrations in your life.

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