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Whimsical Foliage

Fall Decor

Designed by Stefanie Hering, the Piqueur porcelain dinnerware collection features elegant black and white animal silhouettes on pieces that combine glazed and unglazed surfaces. Picturesquely immortalized, the flora and fauna on this dinnerware collections comes together to set a beautiful fall table.

Sterling Silver Pampaloni Stirrup Cups with Animal Decor

Stirrup Cups

Carnets d'Equateur

Featuring jaguars, macaws, panthers and impalas frolicking in lush natural settings, the Carnets d'Equateur Porcelain Dinnerware collection by Hermès sets a stunning hyper realistic table decor. Designed under the watchful eye of naturalist and painter Robert Dallet this porcelain collection sets a stunning decor.

Colorful and playful the crystal butterfly figurines by Baccarat are wonderful decor pieces and gifts to add a touch of dreamy whimsy to any home

Field of Butterflies


Pigment Carafes