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Registry FAQ


Create your Mary Mahoney registry online in just a few clicks or come and visit us at our store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. With one link share it with ease to your friends and family with the privacy settings of your choosing.

Our online registry is a credit based system.  You will receive notifications for each registry purchase via email, and will accumulate the credit value of these gifts in your Registry Account. Once your are ready to redeem your account, you are free to spend that credit on any items from our store.  This helps to reduce returns, odd numbers of items, and multiple shipments arriving while you are busy preparing for your wedding. 

Your registry should reflect your personal style and lifestyle preferences. There are truly no rules ! We recommend having a wide assortment of price points for your guests to select from. 

You can visit us at our store and we will gladly help you items to your registry or you can add to your registry online using your registry login credentials.

Every time a gift is purchased for you we will send you an email record of the purchase. The email will feature the item or items that have been selected for you and will also include a personal message from the gift giver. All of this information will also be traceable with your thank you note tracker. That way there is nothing to fear if you loose an email. There will always be a trace of the purchases on the thank you note tracker.

It is no problem for a guest to bring a gift to your party. If your guest would prefer to bring a gift they need only visit us at our store or call us. We will work with them to find just the right gift to fit the occasion. Please do note that all Orders placed online will always only be processed as credits to your registry account

Day or night, your guests will be able to shop  anytime at

Please note that All online orders will solely be processed as credit onto your registry account.  Guests who would like to have a gift sent instead can place their order by phone or by coming into our store.

The privacy setting on your registry is up to you. Our registry inherently has two different privacy settings. It can either be public and searchable or private, in which case it is only accessible to friends and family with whom you have decided to share your registry link.

No. While some of your final selections may be in stock and ready for you to take home, in most cases, we will need to order your selections and have them sent to you. Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate order pick-ups here in the store and must ask that you provide a shipping address.

Absolutely. You will be able to view all the gifts that have been purchased alongside the names of the purchasers. In addition, you will be able to keep track of your total registry balance.

When you are ready to decide on how to spend your Gift Registry Credit you can shop online with a gift card value of the amount you wish to redeem or simply call and set up a redemption appointment in our store. In order for us to best prepare in store  appointments, we ask that you schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. We also suggest you take an inventory of any physical gifts you may have received that will affect your redemption.

We strives to ensure that every item on your registry will be available when you need it. However, the ultimate availability of items rests with the manufacturers. Should you receive a Registry Account purchase  for an item that the manufacturer can no longer deliver, the value of the letter will be applied to the purchase of a suitable replacement. We regret that a cash refund of the value of the discontinued item is not available.

Each registry purchase has a shipping fee applied to it, that way when it is time to order your gifts, shipping is all taken care of.

If your shipping address is international, we will settle on the shipping charge together. It will be defined based on the value of your items, as well as the quantities and frequencies of shipments.

Any money left over will remain as store credit on your account. The credit has no expiration date and can be used for anything in our store. Unfortunately, we do not issue cash refunds under any circumstances.

Whether you decide to redeem what was gifted or prefer the flexibility to select something new that is entirely up to you. Please feel free to contact our team and we will help you redesign your registry to your liking. Please note that should you choose to use the value of a Gift to make a new selection, all prices will be based on the current selling price of the item you were initially gifted.

Your registry credit has no expiration date!