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Wheaton Mahoney Wheaton Mahoney

Chicora Path Un-framed

Artistic Concept for the PATH photographic series.

"A path forces you to examine your choices and your perspective.  Whether it is a literal location or a figurative one, a path brings you to question your direction as well as your intent for getting from one place to another.The paths in these particular forests are personal and specifically chosen.  These are the trails I was carried over as a child in the arms of my parents and these are the trails I ran up and down with friends as a teenager.  These paths brought me to my wedding and now are filled with the laughter of our children. These paths continue to show my past, present and future. Overlaid on the forest’s routes are a series of colored circular and semi-circular dots.  I have long been drawn to circles for their graphic balance and how their varying sizes can create visual depth.  The use of specific hues and patterns depends on each individual image.  Some configurations are inspired by constellations visible in the Upstate New York summertime sky, while others stem from childhood memories of catching fireflies at night. A path is a matter of perspective.  It helps you become cognizant of the path you are already traveling on or forces you to create a new direction when one is lost." - Wheaton Mahoney 


  • All photographs are signed and titled on front by photographer, unless otherwise requested on reverse.
  • Printed on Hahnemuhle's William Turner Fine Art Paper


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Wheaton Mahoney

Wheaton Mahoney

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