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My Private Sky Set of 7 Custom Plate Set

Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram designed a hand-painted set of seven place plates, entitled MY PRIVATE SKY, for the Nymphenburg porcelain manufactory. Each service is unique: each set shows the night sky at the time the buyer was born in the place they were born.

When ordering My Private Sky, the buyer tells the Nymphenburg porcelain manufactory their place, date, and hour of birth. A computer program developed by the designers themselves calculates the buyer’s personal star chart. This specific starry sky is transformed into a set of drawings, which act as a template for the porcelain painters at the manufactory. The designers thus provide the artisans with a digital assistant that combines the potential of modern software with the high school of porcelain painting. About 500 stars, nebulae, planets, and constellations are painted onto the plates completely by hand for each service.

My Private Sky is available in a limited series of 100 + 10 unique services. Each set consists of seven place plates, the plan according to which the plates were painted, and a hand-painted key. The whole set is delivered in a handmade storage box made from poplar wood.

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Diameter: 12.6"


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