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Augarten Wien Augarten Wien

Dark Grey Matt Schubert Charger

Product description

The  Schubert porcelain charger by Augarten captures the spirit of the Viennese style during the Biedermeier era. Handcrafted on the classic and elegant round Schubert shape, this pattern features a a solid hand painted dark grey colored rim with a 24karat gold edge. 

Brand description

As Vienna’s oldest and most prestigious porcelain manufacturer, Augarten has handcrafted and hand-painted porcelain pieces of the highest standard since its inception in 1718. Since then, Augarten has established itself a world renowned porcelain company. 

Constantly showcasing historical craftsmanship and skill intermingled with perpetual creativity and innovation, the company has stood the test of time. Successfully collaborating with designers and artists through the ages, Augarten has a vast and iconic anthology of pivotal designs.


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Augarten Wien

Augarten Wien

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