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Greggio Greggio

Goccia Champagne Bucket

Product description

The Goccia champagne bucket by Greggio is a sophisticated and modern silverplate piece that makes a marvelous gift. The truncated, cone-shaped body of this elegant ice bucket is embellished with two helical handles which endow the piece with a  contemporary and futuristic flair. Masterfully crafted by skilled Greggio artisans, this piece, made of 6-micron silver-plated brass, will become the focal point of any bar.

Brand description

In 1948, as 14 year Rino Greggio entered as an apprentice in a silversmith workshop in Padua. After the war, with 21 liras from the sale of his bicycle, he purchased 1 kg of silver and began working with 2 employees. 

Since then, his company has become an international reference in silver cutlery and silverware. Produced in Italy, Greggio continues to amaze and surprise with their designs and new uses of noble metals. 


Special Information

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