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Herend Herend

Rothschild Garden Mini Cachepot with Handles

Product description 

Herend's mini cachepots are both charming and whimsical. Handmade and hand-painted on fine white porcelain with 24K gold accents, they are a wonderful addition to any decor.

Brand description 

Founded in 1826 by Vince Stingl at the foot of Hungary’s Bakony Hills, Herend has a rich history as a premier porcelain manufactory. Initially a pottery company, Herend veered into an entirely new direction in 1839.  With More Fischer at its helm, the company began producing dinnerware replacement pieces for Europe’s royal families. Recognized for its fine quality and pristine craftsmanship and design, Herend porcelain quickly rose to fame. Bolstered by this fame, Herend’s artists began designing dinnerware patterns of their own.  Since then Herend has gone on to create patterns of international renown such as Queen Victoria, Esterhazy, Batthyani, Rothschild and Chinese Garden. To this day, with exquisite hand-painted porcelain collections, Herend’s legacy of luxury carries on.


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